Cold Sore Inhibitor

The herpes virus emerges by nervousness, fevers, illness and can be easily inhibited by electro signals sent through the nerves.


The Inhibitor's features

BETA signals disrupt and prevent sores. NO side effects.

The Cold Sore Inhibitor applies a novel reversing BETA (Biological Electronic Transcutaneous Applicator) electro signal across a herpes viral area. This inhibits viral activities outside nerves, allowing natural healing without interference. testimonials, doctors, trials and studies report early application prevents blisters and reduces intensity, duration, and frequency of attacks.

Research & Design

  • Effects: Beta electro signals carefully studied & tested on viruses!
  • Why BETA: Signal worked first time, straight Design to Production!


  • Hand-Held: Small, Handy for pocket, purse, glove box, brief case!
  • Easy to Use: No switch or dials, Push RED Start-Button, automatic!
  • Automatic Shut-Off: No switch to leave on & run battery dead!
  • Fast Reset: Ready in less than a second for more applications!
  • No Maintenance: Self contained/enclosed, dispose/repurchase!

How It Works

  • Electro Beta Signal: Waveforms flow between probes across skin!
  • Signal Flow Tickle: May feel during application, affects only virus!
  • Mild Shock-Like Sensation: May feel at signal reversal, if sensitive!
  • Lights: Indicate operation, signals, direction, comfort, test & off!
  • Operating Test: Probes to metal, Push Start, OK if all lights On!
  • Cap: Put on bottom for better grip, place over probes when done!

Quality of Product

  • Reliable: High tech circuitry, low-corrosion high-z Start-Button!
  • Attractive: Professional molds, superior quality durable material!
  • Flexible: To Push enclosed RED Start-Button through surface!
  • Translucent: See enclosed lights behind surface, not circuit!
  • Non Metal Probes: Not Cold, reduces signal concentration points!
  • Enclosed: Exceeds Battery use-by-date, low viral contamination!
  • Long Life: Zero bias, no idle current, efficient operating power!

Safety & Comfort

  • Safe: No Side-Effects, Output less than 10 volts & 10 milli-amps!
  • No-Drugs: Novel reversing Beta electro voltage & current signal!
  • Comfort Level: Too moist, High Signal, All lights On, Output Stops!
  • Disposable: Prevent re-contamination of self or exposure to others!
  • Non-Invasive: External transcutaneous application, No Medicines!


  • Self-Applied: Typically, doctor visit nor medical treatment required!
  • Cost Effective: Efficient operation, long life, only pennies per use!
  • White-Case: Consumer-Model, light-use, lower cost, cold sores!
  • Color-Case: Professional-Model, heavy-use, like severe shingles!
  • Warranty: Operate properly or replace: 90-day White, year Color!

Do not immerse the Viral Inhibitor in liquids. Due to the resistant nature of viruses; cleaning, alcohol or sterilizing does not eliminate all viruses from surfaces. To prevent viral transfer, do not share your Viral Inhibitor with others. Each individual needs their own personal Viral Inhibitor!

The manufacturer warrants the Viral Inhibitor to apply less than 10 volts across probes and less than 10 milliamps between probes, and makes no other claims for its efficacy in use, nor supports any views expressed on this website. 3/13/06

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