Cold Sore Inhibitor

"disrupt and inhibit viral activities
outside the nerves, stopping an
attack and preventing blisters"


Frequently Asked Questions


About the Viral Inhibitor

What is a Viral Inhibitor? The Viral Inhibitor is a small hand-held electronic device used by thousands to prevent blisters, sores, and outbreaks from forming. The patented Beta electro signal disrupts the viral activity allowing natural healing without viral interference.

Will the Viral Inhibitor work for me? If used as instructed at first sign (itching, tingling, or burning), studies, trials, doctors, and testimonials report it effectively stops further damage, no sores, blisters, nor open weeping lesions.

Which Herpes viruses are inhibited? When applied correctly, users report the Viral Inhibitor is effective on cold sores, genital sores, shingles, molluscum, warts, and moles.

When first sold and how many? Early production began in July 2002, over 10,000 sold.

About the Inventor
Who is the Inventor? The first and only portable Viral Inhibitor was invented, developed, funded, produced, and marketed by Chester A. HEATH.

Who is Chester A. HEATH? A retired professor of electronics engineering; professional electrical engineer; research engineer; assistant director of computer assisted instruction; bio-medical researcher; and nuclear, missiles, and telemetry research technologist. Suffice it to say, HEATH's background provides a professional foundation for inventing, designing and producing the first Viral Inhibitor.

Why did he invent it? Suffering for over 50 years, he finally found relief after inventing the Viral Inhibitor.

How and why it works:
Does the Viral Inhibitor heal? No, the Viral Inhibitor disrupts recurring herpes viral activities, allowing the body's natural healing to take place.

Is there a cure for Herpes viruses? No, once the virus is acquired it cannot be removed. Keep your Viral Inhibitor handy to disrupt each event.

How does the Viral Inhibitor disrupt? The patented mild novel Beta electro waveform signals were designed to disrupt Herpes viral activities outside nerves, preventing sores, blisters, and open weeping lesions, when applied early.

Why can the Viral Inhibitor disrupt? Nerve signals attract, guide into, and inhibit Herpes viruses. The Viral Inhibitor simulates those signals outside nerves.

What about side effects? NO Side Effects, unlike prescriptions which interact and can have adverse reactions.

Long term results? Users report, unlike drugs that alter the immune system and create dependencies, the Viral Inhibitor only affects the virus, allowing the body to heal on its own, naturally. Frequency, intensity, and duration of attacks appear to be less over time.

Usage and Application
How do I use the Viral Inhibitor? Cut seal. Place cap on base. Place the probes across the sore, on nearly dry clean skin. Push and release Red “Start” button. Colors light in sequence as timed signals are applied. Replace cap over probes. Apply up to 8 times daily until symptoms subside.

That's all there is to it? Yes, that is the basic “application.”

What is a common problem in Use/Apply? Coatings on lips or skin; medications, topical ointments, lipstick, lipbalm, etc; insulate and prevent signal flow; just clean probes and application area, then ReApply.

Are all applications the same? Applications vary with affliction. For shingles, apply, then rotate probes one quarter turn (90 degrees) and apply again (criss-cross). See graphic in back cover of book.

Do warts require more applications? Yes, warts grow slowly and have a dry core. They need multiple applications (4-star) over several months with area moistened for better conductivity.

How many times should I apply? Apply the Viral Inhibitor up to 8 times daily across each afflicted area.

How long between applications? To prevent blisters, apply half hourly until tingling stops. If already sores, blisters, or open weeping lesions, apply hourly.

Can you feel an application? Some report a mild tickle sensation across skin surface.

Can I share my Viral Inhibitor? Don't. Each person should have their own to prevent viral transfer. Due to resistant nature, cleaning, alcohol, or sterilizing agents, only dilute and are ineffective in eliminating viruses.

Is this the latest version? Look for the Greek Beta symbol inside the cap.

Why non metallic probes? Not as cold and reduces electrical concentration points, allowing stronger applied signals.

Where is the On-Off switch? There is No switch to leave on and run the battery dead, only a Red Push Start button. When application is completed, the Viral Inhibitor turns off automatically.

Is it safe? Yes, it shuts off before discomfort, well within safe levels. The Viral Inhibitor does not chemically alter the immune system and there are no known side effects.

Replace Battery? Designed to be disposable. Device is enclosed/sealed to reduce viral contamination and lessen moisture damage to electronics. Battery is not accessible.

What is Beta? Biological Electronic Transcutanious Applicator. The signal worked on the first application. A unique patented Beta electro signal waveform.

Cost and Orders
What does the Viral Inhibitor cost? Economical, efficient, and lasts for years, so only pennies per use. $129.95 Click Here to Buy Now

Where do I get more information? Viral Inhibitor website, order page, brochure, and booklet.

Can I get a discount in the future? Yes. Save your receipt. For next purchase, use Order-Code on receipt or contact us.

Test and warranty
How long will the Viral Inhibitor last? Battery is enclosed so shelf life may exceed use-by-date, and supply many applications for years.

How do I know it still works? Clean probes rounded tips before testing the Viral Inhibitor. To Test, hold both probe tips to a coin or metal conductive surface. Push and release Red "Start" button. If all lights come on, it still works. See Test below

Is there a warranty? Yes, 90-days on white Cold-Sore Inhibitor, 1-year color Viral Inhibitor. Extended warranty can be purchased. See limited Warranty below.

Old science, new technology? In 1923 patents were issued on Electro Stimulation on illnesses which had little success. In 1973 clinical studies showed promise on Herpes viruses. Since 1993 a company has tried and failed to produce a hand-held device. In 2003 Chester A. HEATH invented, patented, produced and marketed the first Viral Inhibitor.

Hocus pocus or snake oil? Electro signals are not a cure all. A few things have bean proven to work; nerve regeneration, pain relief, and disrupting Herpes viral activities.

What about "Resonant Frequency"? Nerve signals are digital pulses. Frequency resonance is analog and often associated with "snake oil" or magic claims.

Can you explain the "protein barrier?" Most harmful viruses have the same makeup. Some claim electro signals destroy this barrier. If so, signals would also work on the HIV-AIDS virus. It does not.

Are HEATH's conclusions verifiable? Absolutely. Clinical studies, trials, doctors, and testimonials report effectiveness of the Viral Inhibitor disrupting Herpes viral activities.

Is it sold under other names? Yes: Inhibitor, Eliminator, Terminator, Zappit, Poiinte, Disruptor, V-Stop, etc.

Where is it advertised? Airline Flight and other magazines, websites (IHateHerpes, Inhibitor, Eliminator, SkyMall, UglySores, YupYup), ebay, amazon, radio, TV, newspapers, presentations, and trade shows. See News above.

Patents and Claims
Is the Viral Inhibitor patented? Yes, Chester A. HEATH has US domestic, International PTC, and over 35 additional foreign patents under way. See Legal below.

Is this claimed "Original"? No, previous unproduced "Original" patents 5133352, 5607461, 6083250, and 6594527 had unsafe currents of 1mA, 9, 18, 27 to 100mA. 1mA discomfort; 10mA pain; and 100mA kills.


Do not immerse the Viral Inhibitor in liquids. Due to the resistant nature of viruses; cleaning, alcohol or sterilizing does not eliminate all viruses from surfaces. To prevent viral transfer, do not share your Viral Inhibitor with others. Each individual needs their own personal Viral Inhibitor!

The manufacturer warrants the Viral Inhibitor to apply less than 10 volts across probes and less than 10 milliamps between probes, and makes no other claims for its efficacy in use, nor supports any views expressed on this website. 3/13/06

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