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"I applied it and the cold sore disappeared in hours, not weeks!"




I had ugly cold sores from youth. I became a Registered Electrical Engineer; Nuclear, BioMedical and Computer Systems Researcher; and retired Professor. Over years, I learned Herpes viruses enter nerves after attacks and are inhibited. One day, I realized how this occurs, tested skin and found the Beta wave. Next, a design came at 2am! As I breadboarded it, a cold sore formed. I applied it and the cold sore disappeared in hours, not weeks! I was overjoyed! When I apply early at tingling, it prevents blisters! and, outbreak frequency, intensity, and duration are less. I now have over 50 patents under way and a book.

Chester A. HEATH, Inventor of the Viral Inhibitor

I am embarrassed to admit I have Genital Herpes Simplex II. It is very painful and has caused me to miss out on important parts of my life. I was treated in the hospital. I used prescription drugs, but side effects were terrible. Then I found the Viral Inhibitor. Now, when I apply the Viral Inhibitor early, sores never occur, and there are no side effects.

Anonymous in Salt Lake City, Utah

If you have never suffered with shingles, you cannot imagine the pain and agony one experiences 24 hours a day. One outbreak kept me from work as blisters became weeping sores. That's when I found the Viral Inhibitor. As I applied it, irritations quickly went away and the rash disappeared. The whole event was over in just a few days and I was back to work. I am grateful for the Viral Inhibitor. I will keep it handy, you can count on that!

Anonymous in Salt Lake City, Utah

I was aware of the technology, but did not realize how effective the Viral Inhibitor was. I applied the Viral Inhibitor on a cold sore blister, and it went away in hours, not weeks. It impressed me. The Viral Inhibitor is compact and easy to apply. What a blessing this is!

Don in Nevada

My 2 year old acquired molluscum contagion from a cousin. A dermatologist tried medicines, including steroids and experimental, many not insured. Hundreds of dollars and 6 months later, the doctor said to lance the puscule and rip out the hard core with tweezers. After the first attempt my son ran screaming at the sight of tweezers. Then I found the Viral Inhibitor. I knew molluscum was related to herpes and warts viruses. I tried it on my son and the papules disappeared in 24 hours. For us the Viral Inhibitor is miraculous.

Anonymous in Utah

"Because viral phenomenon are often long term and repetitive, providing technology to inhibit the same, immediately and continually available to the afflicted person, would be a valuable benefit to the individuals specifically and to mankind generally."

Patent Application

Proven and Effective by Doctors

Dr David N. Wright DMD, a prominent local dentist, was intrigued with the potential of the Viral Inhibitor. Prior to inventing the Viral Inhibitor, Chester required “tenting” during dental care due to pervasive cold sores.

Dr Wright was quick to notice, No more cold sores!

Dr Wright’s dental assistants, who suffered with cold sores, have become avid proponents of the Viral Inhibitor and recommend it to other patients.

Dr Wright stated: “After a year’s use you could not pry the Viral Inhibitor away from them. It has been so successful in eliminating cold sores.”

Dr Bruce N. Hathaway MD, graduated from University of Utah medical school. For almost 20 years, as a professor, he worked extensively with AIDS patients. He assisted in identifying and naming the AIDS HIV virus.

In 2001 he relocated, to practice infectious diseases. Chester Heath, a patient, introduced the Viral Inhibitor.

Dr Hathaway said: "I have no hesitation using it. The Viral Inhibitor doesn’t have any known side effects. It helps control pain and prevents lesions. If you apply the Viral Inhibitor as prescribed, it is completely safe and you can actually see viral lesions disappear. It is amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it!"

Dr Melissa Allen Heath PHD, Associate Professor and Licensed Psychologist, knows first hand the pain and embarrasment of cold sores and shingles.

Dr Heath reports that Herpes viruses are about more than just physical pain.

"Emotional discomfort is also a major factor. The Viral Inhibitor is a significant solution for both aspects."

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Do not immerse the Viral Inhibitor in liquids. Due to the resistant nature of viruses; cleaning, alcohol or sterilizing does not eliminate all viruses from surfaces. To prevent viral transfer, do not share your Viral Inhibitor with others. Each individual needs their own personal Viral Inhibitor!

The manufacturer warrants the Viral Inhibitor to apply less than 10 volts across probes and less than 10 milliamps between probes, and makes no other claims for its efficacy in use, nor supports any views expressed on this website. 3/13/06

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